Are you Realllly saved?

Definitely worth sharing !!!

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I remember accepting Jesus as my Savior. I was told I would be forgiven of all my sins if I did. Sounded great to me.

But then, I didn’t make any changes. I still kept doing what I was doing.
I didn’t understand that in order to be forgiven, I had to be truly sorry for my sins and to repent.
Repent means to change your mind…
And do a 180° – turn from doing things my way – and start doing things God’s Way.

It’s not basing how you do life by Society’s standards; which tell you it’s ok to tell “white lies”, to take things that don’t belong to you, to gossip about others, to have sex outside of marriage, get drunk and cuss like it’s no big deal…

God’s standards are totally different. And FAR more beneficial!!
I used to think His Standards were too hard, too…

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