The Bible & The Truth About God

biblical truth

I was reading this in my Bible, which has some extra important faith building information !  It is called The Case For Christ Study Bible, by Lee Strobel.  He has a great Testimony you can look him up on You Tube and he has been on a number of television shows giving his testimony.  He use to be an Atheist that was an Investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune!!  He investigates the fact’s of the Bible and became a believer !

He did an interview with Dr Norman Geisler (an apologist.)  This is what he said, ” there is lots of evidence about the truth of the Bible.  I believe the most convincing evidence falls into two categories, however.  First, there’s archaeological confirmation of its reliability, and, second, there’s miraculous confirmation of its  Devine authority.”  Dr Geisler said, “THERE HAVE BEEN THOUSANDS OF ARCHAEOLIGAL FINDS IN THE MIDDLE EAST THAT SUPPORT THE PICTURE PRESENTED IN THE BIBLICAL RECORD.”  In terms of miraculous confirmation, Geisler points out that THE BIBLE IS THE ONLY BOOK IN THE WORLD THAT HAS PRECISE, SPECIFIC PREDICTIONS THAT WERE MADE HUNDREDS OF YEARS IN ADVANCE THAT WERE LITERALLY FULFILLED AGAINST ALL MATHEMATICAL ODDS !!


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