Time is short on Earth !

The Bible says, “Everyone must die once. Then they are judged.” Found in Hebrews 9:27

When people speak of the Bible as inspired, they are referring to the fact that God divinely influenced the human authors of the Scriptures in such a way that what they wrote was the very Word of God. In the context of the Scriptures, the word “inspiration” simply means “God-breathed.” Inspiration means the Bible truly is the Word of God and makes the Bible unique among all other books.

The Bible claims not only to be inspired by God, but also to have the supernatural ability to change us and make us “complete.” The Bible has been tested & proven to be without errors!! The books of the Bible (transcripts and canons)were found by Archaelogists and there have been countless artifacts that have been dug up, that have proven the historic accuracy of what was written. I found this information on Wikipedia (The Bible and history.) The Bible is a love letter to the people he has created and he wants you and me to know him!

God spoke directly to a number of people in the Bible and they recorded what he said and their thoughts. The 66 books were written over a period of 1500 years in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Scholars translated it into English.

Adam and Eve were the first people created by God and they made a choice of eating from the tree of good and evil, this started the beginning of sin (disobedience to God.) In the Bible it talks about people were to sacrifice their unblemished animals to God to make atonement for the sins that they committed.

The book of Isaiah 53:7-12 predicted that Jesus would come into the world and be the sacrificial lamb for all sin. This would replace the temporary payment of animal sacrifices with a permanent payment that completely satisfied God’s righteous wrath.

Hebrews 10:8-12 says, ” We haven fallen short of how God wants us to live. Jesus suffered and died on the cross for our sins.” You and I can be right with God now. The Bible says if you confess your sins and believe in your heart that Jesus rose from the dead you will be saved. (found in Romans 10:9)

Over 500 people witnessed the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. (Found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11.) The Bible says that, ” Jesus that knew no sin, became sin for us.”

All this information has increased my faith !! Reading the Bible and praying to God for truth, will reveal to you the truth also ( if you are skeptical about your belief!)

A very good book that has made a difference in my life is called, “God I’ve Got A Question” written by James Merritt. Please don’t put off this VERY important decision in your life to ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior of your life!!



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