Are You A Good Person ?

You ever think, “well I’m a pretty good person and I will go to heaven after I die.” ( Compared to a mass murdered!)
Well picture God as a judge and you are standing before him in a court room. You tell him that you have been good compared to others. He would say to you, ” Have you told a lie, stolen anything, used my name in vain?” (These are the 10 commandments found in the bible!). Everyone has broken one or mostly all these commandments before.
You will be found guilty!
Nothing you do will ever make up for what God’s son (Jesus Christ) did for you & me. The bible says that Jesus suffered and died on a cross (he took our place !) He was a living sacrifice for our sin. The bible says that, ” If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved .” Found in Romans 10:9 in the bible
The bible has been written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God by over 40 different authors. The bible has 2500 prophecies & so far 2000 have come true ! The other 500 are still in the process of coming to pass !! If you want eternal life when you die, please ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins & come into your life and make you a new creation! ( see Corinthians 5:17 in the bible .) God loves you and does not want anyone to perish!


2 thoughts on “Are You A Good Person ?

  1. godsprop says:

    I just love hearing the Truth. I didn’t always. But, God has a way of getting into your heart (when you let Him) and transforming you, so that you no longer agree with what ‘everyone’ else says is ‘ok’ – but, rather by His beautiful and correct standards.
    Trying to be “good” by our, or other people’s flawed, human standards doesn’t cut it.
    Asking God to open our eyes to Him and His Ways, seeking Him, reading and digging in to the Jewels, the Wisdom, and the Love that He put into His Word; The Bible will effect your whole life…and more importantly, your Eternity! ❤

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